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Lon Freeman

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Grew his quads playing football and doing every track and field event in New Mexico. Has been trying to shrink them ever since.

Got into distance running while browsing in a used bookstore one summer and being confronted by the cover of Runner’s World advertising the 100th Boston Marathon. Thinking what a cool thing that would be to do, immediately began training for a Boston qualifier.

Nine months later, while doing the 100th Boston Marathon, picked up two free issues of Triathlete Magazine at the race expo and saw a person in an Ironman Finisher jacket. Not really believing the distances on the jacket, began thinking about doing a triathlon. Was immediately hooked after his first Sprint Tri in New Mexico in 1996.

Seven years and several Ironmans later, while doing the World’s Toughest Half in Auburn, California, the half marathon course coincided with the last few miles of the Western States Trail. Not really believing that someone could (or would) run that far, immediately began thinking about doing an ultra.

Several years and several ultras later, still going strong with trail running and looking forward to the next adventure!

Racing highlights

Trail running - 7 100M finishes (5 Western States), 100K PR 2007 Miwok 8:09:52, 50M PR 2008 at American River 5:58:32, 50K PR 2008 Skyline to the Sea 3:38:33

Favorite trail adventures in other states (...so far) - White River 50M (WA), Mountain Masochist 50M (VA), Ice Age 50M (WI), Laurel Highlands 70M (PA), Vermont 100K (VT), Jemez Mountain 50M (NM), Silver State 50M (NV), Old Cascadia 50M (OR)

Triathlon - 11 Ironman finishes (4 Ironman Hawaii), Ironman Hawaii 2003 (10:16:41), 1st in age group (3rd overall) Ultraman 2003, 4th in age group at Half Vineman 2003, Ironman Florida 2002 (9:45:58, PR)

Road running - Marathon PR at the California International Marathon 1996 (2:45), half marathon PR at 2011 Davis Stampede (1:16), 6:38 double-marathon as part of Ultraman 2003

More results: athlinks, ultrasignup

Firm believer in: Consistency, planning, alternative recovery therapies (massage, cupping, etc.)

Besides being an aerobic monster: Is a financial analyst. Can tell a good story. Loves planning logistics of endurance events and training for them.

Justine Owen

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Swimmer, turned ultimate Frisbee player, turned runner, turned triathlete, turned trail runner, with some climbing and yoga thrown in. She began as a freestyle sprint specialist in high school but has since learned to love 400-yard repeats in the pool.

Played ultimate in college until too many knee injuries made her want to run in mostly straight lines. Started biking (on a bike from middle school) after college and was spurred to run the Tufts 10k by a coworker. Finally got a real bike for a three week bike tour of Europe that unexpectedly coincided with the Tour de France that year.

Moved to California in 2002 and joined the Cal Tri Club for a while (how can you move to California and not do a triathlon?) before striking out on her own and playing pickup ultimate, climbing, and training like a triathlete. Then Lon came along, and anyone within 50 meters of Lon for any length of time eventually ends doing an endurance event. Four marathons, five half iron-distance triathlons, seven trail 50ks, and one trail 50 miler later, still likes to do a bit of everything and still thinks running 100 miles is a lot insane.

Racing highlights

Road running - Marathon PR at Oakland 2012 (3:16, 4th woman), half marathon PR at Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon (1:28:55, 3rd woman), 10k PR at Let's Go 510 10k (39:37, 1st woman), 5k PR at Nike Women’s Fitness Festival 2009 (19:43, 4th overall).

Trail running - 1st woman at 2014 Tamalpa Headlands 50k (after being 4th in 2013). 2nd woman at 2013 Silver State 50k, 2013 Diablo 50k, and 2012 Shadow of the Giants. 2nd woman in Brazen Racing 2011 half marathon series.

Triathlon - 3rd in 2008 and 4th in 2009 at Barb’s Race (all-women half iron-distance), 1st in age group (5th woman) at Big Kahuna 2009 (half iron-distance), 1st in age group (5th woman) at Tri for Fun #1 2010 (sprint), 1st in age group (4th woman) at Tri for Real #1 2007 (Olympic), 1st in age group (3rd woman) at US National Aquathlon Championships 2010.

more results: athlinks, ultrasignup

Firm believer in: Recovery days, sleep, laughing.

Besides being an aerobic monster: Has a Ph.D. in environmental science, now a technical writer. Concerned about science literacy. Loves cooking. Likes to talk to animals.