Coaching approach

Coaching is a continuous dialogue between coach and athlete. I start by learning about your athletic goals, lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, time constraints), athletic background, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and level of commitment.

With this input, I help refine your goals and explain what it will take to achieve them. I then work with you to develop a strategy to get you there. I use your feedback - your physiological and psychological responses to training - to create a unique plan specifically designed for you.

I offer support as you work toward your goals and foster your own inner strengths. This includes

  • designing a plan that supports your goals, fits your lifestyle, and is enjoyable
  • interpreting what your body and brain are telling you throughout your training in order to keep you happy, healthy, and uninjured
  • empowering you to make choices in support of your goals, such as nutrition and recovery strategies
  • celebrating your accomplishments as you progress through the training, whether it's getting through a hard workout, reaching the starting line uninjured, or winning your age group.

I will be honest and respectful, organized and responsive, patient and supportive, enthusiastic and fun. I take each training plan seriously, and hope you do, too.