"I trust Lon. Before becoming a Monster in November of 2012 I was a casual runner without any goals, and I wanted to change that. The realization I couldn't do this on my own set in quickly. When I contacted Aerobic Monster I said, in sum, "Here is my reality, what can you do with that?" It was a joy to work with Lon to set goals. And what a relief to hand the burden of training plan creation to a pro. First we targeted a half marathon, then a couple marathons, then we hit the trails and I've been running 50k's in preparation for my first 50 miler.

Based upon the training feedback I provide, Lon has been able to uncannily predict how I will feel during training and in specific events. Coach and runner are in sync enough so I enter each run physically and mentally prepared. Lon adjusted the plan in response to physical needs and the needs of life and family, like adding more recovery so a minor ache won't grow into a serious injury and shifting runs to accommodate life events. It is a wonderful feeling to be gently realigned into the center of the training plan without the stress of figuring out the optimum path. If doing it alone is not for you, trust Lon." - David M.

"A few years ago when I became interested in triathlon there was really only one person to turn to, Lon. Lon has a passion for the sport and a wealth of experience to draw from in guiding you to your goals. He has been very adept at creating a plan that works around the rest of my life, a plan that has allowed me to meet my goals yet not create a burden on my work and family.

Lon has always found the perfect balance between giving an honest assessment of my efforts and encouragement to improve. This is a key element to coaching successfully. On top of this he provides valuable advice on recovery, nutrition and the psychological demands of racing. Without a doubt I would not have finished any of the races I have tackled without Lon’s guidance. Including half marathons, a 50k, triathlons (including several half Ironmans) and preparing for a full ironman. I look forward to continuing my progression with Lon." - Tony C.

"I've been a basic fitness runner my whole life, but at the age of 49 I decided to explore distance running. Under Lon and Justine's guidance I've gone from 10k's to running my first 50 mile race in just 2 years! In 2013 I ran a 50K every 2 months leading up to the Fire trails 50 mile race in October. In that time I relied on their expert knowledge on the latest sports fitness and nutrition. They supplied a thorough workout schedule, advice, and encouragement and kept me from overtraining. Now with their help I’m looking forward to my next 50 mile race and eventually longer distances.” - Tim Q.

"I've been active in fitness endeavors all my life: high school football, competitive bodybuilding, competitive CrossFit, and Olympic Weightlifting. As a long-time Servicemember (US Army for over 20 years), I’ve always been required to run. I’ve never had the desire to run more than a block. Somehow, my wife started running, and the distances got longer. Eventually we found ourselves planning, training for, and completing her ultras.

At age 47, I decided the challenge, the natural surroundings, and the community of ultra-trail running was enticing enough to take a stab at. I did some training and progressed on my own for a 50k in November of 2021. I completed the distance, but I had issues along the way; not just in the race but in the training leading up to the race. It left me realizing three things: previous and new injuries come easy at this age/distance, I need to train smarter than using a template, and I want to do longer distances. Enter Lon Freeman.

Lon set me up professionally from the get-go. He put me on a realistic path. In mid to late December, I started getting a nasty pain in my left quad that we could not pinpoint, even with physical therapy. I had to take two weeks off all running. Lon kept me moving and active with things that could work around my injury and still kept my cardiovascular fitness moving forward with clever combinations of exercises that we collaborated on.

The beginning of January came, and so did an episode of the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus. This put me in bed and not doing much for another week. The injury was dissipating due to the rest and smart training, but my confidence in my conditioning and legs was gone. Lon basically started from scratch, focusing on the things I was currently capable of in training, and kept my body and my mind on a very steep recovery. By late January, I was over the virus and the legs felt great! I originally planned a 50k prep race in late January, which Lon told me not to scrap, but instead to do the shorter, 22-mile distance. I did it with no problems, thanks to his guidance! With this stretch of training and confidence building, Lon gave me the springboard to not only complete my 50-miler in March, but more importantly regain the mental and emotional resilience to tackle bigger distances in the future. Next up is 100, and I know that the train-up will be successful with Lon’s guidance!" - Herm B.